[ANN] Inochi 0.3.0

                       Inochi 0.3.0

           Gives life to RubyGems-based software


Inochi is an infrastructure for [1]RubyGems-based software
projects that encourages good documentation and reduces
programming effort by automating common tasks.

Version 0.3.0 (2009-02-12)

This release adds support for [2]language translations /
internationalization / multilingualization, improves the user
interface, and fixes a show-stopper bug for Windows users.

New features

 * Add support for [3]language translations of phrases used
   in a project.
      + Add "lang:dump" Rake task for extracting language
        phrases from project.
      + Add "lang:conv" Rake task for translating dumped
        phrases into various languages using the BabelFish
        translation service.
      + Add --locale option to a project's main executable
        for setting user's preferred language in spite of
        the user's locale environment.

 * Notify user when attempting to publish announcements in
   the "pub" Rake tasks.

Bug fixes

 * In Windows, ENV['USERPROFILE'] gives the path to the
   user's home directory and ENV['HOME'] is not defined.

 * The only real solution to the circular gem dependency
   problem is:

gem install --force
You should update [4]Chapter 2. “Setup” in your projects’
user manuals accordingly.


 * Break the huge lib/inochi/inochi.rb library into smaller

 * Instead of adding methods to singleton classes directly,
   define modules and extend to them so that YARDoc
   documents the methods appropriately.

 * List all project contributors globally in the "Credits"

 * Remove "Contributor kudos" paragraph in release notes in
   favor of crediting contributors inline with each item in
   the release notes.

 * Mention that the project license is ISC for the reader's


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