[ANN] Inochi 0.2.0

                       Inochi 0.2.0

           Gives life to RubyGems-based software


Inochi is an infrastructure for [1]RubyGems-based software
projects that encourages good documentation, reduces
programming effort, and automates common tasks.

Version 0.2.0 (2009-01-25)

This release adds support for unit testing, improves the
portability of Inochi and configurability of your projects,
adds new content to the user manual, and fixes some bugs.

Contributor kudos

Florian G. patched Inochi to:

 * Run on both JRuby and normal Ruby in multiple versions
   and with different executable names on Windows.

 * Allow project authors to be specified by hand instead of
   always relying on the license file to be in expected
   form, because his license template doesn't follow that

New features

 * Added support for unit testing via the [2]minitest
   library. See [3]Section 3.3.5. Test your project for
   Also, in related news, the scaffold generator now emits a
   default unit test for the main project library.

 * Added optional ProgramName parameter to the scaffold
   generator. This allows you to specify reasonable program
   names when your project module has a strange

inochi ERBook
create er_book/LICENSE

inochi ERBook erbook
create erbook/LICENSE

inochi ERBook foobar
create foobar/LICENSE

 * Allow project authors to be specified via
   Inochi.init :YourProject, :authors => ...

Bug fixes

 * Use Gem::RubyGemsVersion instead of a shell command to
   determine rubygems version for generation of setup.erb.
   (Florian G.)

 * Add blank lines between all list items, not just
   multi-line ones, in the plain-text version of the relase
   announcement for improved readability.

 * Omit LaTeX-style heading numbers from release
   announcements. They caused confusion, especially in
   plain-text announcements, when trying to determine which
   version of a project was released.


 * Added unit tests for utility methods provided by the
   Inochi module: project name calculation and CamelCase to
   snake_case conversion.


  1. http://www.rubygems.org/
  2. http://rubyforge.org/projects/bfts/
  3. http://snk.tuxfamily.org/lib/inochi/#Test-your-project