[ANN] Inochi 0.0.1

                       Inochi 0.0.1

           Gives life to RubyGems-based software


Inochi is an infrastructure for [1]RubyGems-based software
projects that encourages good documentation, reduces
programming effort, and automates common tasks.

4.1 Version 0.0.1 (2009-01-13)

This release fixes some show-stopper bugs.

Contributor kudos

 * Florian G. tried the first release of Inochi and
   reported bugs.

Bug fixes

 * Florian G. reported that the name of the project
   library was [2]being determined incorrectly.

 * Florian G. reported that there was a [3]circular
   dependency problem problem when installing the Inochi
   The solution is to specify the --force option when
   installing the gem. [4]Section 2.2. Installation has been
   updated accordingly.

 * Generated project scaffolds now check against the major
   version of the Inochi gem, to avoid runtime version


 * Only add project libraries to $LOAD_PATH if not already


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