[ANN] Haml 0.3 - Slipstream

A slight revision:

Haml is now twice as fast. That’s right, I was able to cut the render
time in HALF - the Haml team has been hard at working really making
a piece of software to be envied. There are more comments than lines of
code and way more tests than that.

Let’s go over the new features:

  • Cut rendering time by 50%
  • ‘!!!’ tag supports XHTML 1.1 and 1.0 Transitional/Frameset doctypes
  • When working with ActionView, yield :foo works as it does in ERB
  • form_for and other _erbout-based ActionView helpers work
  • Elements can use XML namespaces (<weseeyou:namespace /> )
  • Class names can have capital letters
  • Empty lines are ignored
  • 98.3% more text used in release announcements!

For a full explanation, check out the REFERENCE file in the main
directory. And that’s not even including the small bug fixes all

We actually had to hold back a lot of features that we are waiting to
release in the coming weeks for version 0.4. If you’re interested in a
sneak peak of those, give the edge branch a try!

If you have any bug reports or questions, head over to the Haml Google
group, at http://groups-beta.google.com/group/haml.