[ANN] gettext-2.0.2, gettext_activerecord-2.0.2, gettext_rails-2.0.2


Ruby-GetText-Package-2.0.2 and the families
(gettext-2.0.2, gettext_activerecord-2.0.2 and gettext_rails-2.0.2)
are now available.

Ruby-GetText-Package is the library/tools for message localization.

  • gettext - Message localization libraries and tools for all kind of
  • gettext_activerecord - ActiveRecord Localization
  • gettext_rails - Rails support with gettext.


== gettext-2.0.2

  • Support ruby-1.9.1 style format string such as %d.
  • Apply new Locale.set_app_language_tags and Locale.candidates.
    [Suggested by Vladimir Dobriakov]
  • Enhance to support ruby-1.9.x [by OZAWA Sakuro]
    • poparser work with proper encoding.
    • string.rb: #bytesize alias to #size in older ruby version such as
  • Fixed bugs
    • n_() to work when Plural-Forms line in po-file is not correct.
      [Reported by Sava C. (Bug#25570)]
    • GetText::Locale.default_rules_path : $LOAD_PATH is not well parsed.
      [by hallelujah]
    • locale_path.rb: Fixed warning message.

== gettext_activerecord-2.0.2
* Update version
* Update Dutch translation [by Bart ten Brinke]
* Enhance ruby-1.9.1 support.

== gettext_rails-2.0.2

  • Update Dutch translation [by Bart ten Brinke]
  • Apply the gettext-2.0.2 changes((don’t use bindtextdomain
    with :supported_language_tags)
  • Fix the bug of sample.


  • Rails-2.3.1 and earlier aren’t supported.

Thanks to

hallelujah, Sava C., OZAWA Sakuro, Vladimir Dobriakov,
Bart ten Brinke



Screenshots in 23 languages (Sample Rails blog) are:

Masao M. [email protected]

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