[ANN] gettext-2.0.1, gettext_activerecord-2.0.1, gettext_rails-2.0.1


Ruby-GetText-Package-2.0.1 and the families
(gettext-2.0.1, gettext_activerecord-2.0.1 and gettext_rails-2.0.1)
are now available.

Ruby-GetText-Package is the library/tools for message localization.

  • gettext - Message localization libraries and tools for all kind of
  • gettext_activerecord - ActiveRecord Localization
  • gettext_rails - Rails support with gettext.


  • gettext-2.0.1

    • Fixed bugs
      • doesn’t work with ruby-1.8.5. [Reported by Dan Coutu]
      • GetText.locale= can’t keep the locale. [Reported by Adam Ilan]
      • Break backward compatibility of bindtextdomain
        [Reported by Mamoru T.(#24947), Mathieu B.]
      • Other trivial fixes/improvement.
    • 1.8 times faster than 2.0.0.
    • GetText::LocalePath is separated from GetText::TextDomainManager.
      Improve to find the locale path.
  • Enhance to support ruby-1.9.x [by OZAWA Sakuro]

  • gettext_activerecord-2.0.1

    • parser.rb: skip anonymous classes [by TieTew]
  • gettext_rails-2.0.0

    • ActionMailer didn’t work. [Reported by Simone C.]
    • error_messages_for doesn’t have compatibility with original
      method. [by Adam Ilan]


  • Rails-2.3.1 and earlier aren’t supported.

Thanks to

OZAWA Sakuro, Tietew, Dan Coutu, Adam Ilan, Mamoru T.,
Mathieu B., Simone C.



Screenshots in 23 languages (Sample Rails blog) are:

Masao M. [email protected]