[ANN] Germany.rb 2010, September 18th and 19th in Leipzig

Dear Rubyists,

We’d like to invite you to the first Germany.rb in Leipzig on the 18th
and 19th of September 2010. This is a quite spontaneous community driven
Ruby event. We skip the call for proposal part and jump directly to the
event next weekend. If you have something to say about Ruby, then we
will give you the stage. If you have problems around Ruby, then you will
probably find here a helpful audience.

Attending the event is free!


The “sublab” Hackerspace in Leipzig:

sublab e.V.
Karl-Heine-Straße 93
04229 Leipzig


  1. Day: 18.09.2010 begin at 12 o’clock (UTC+2)
  2. Day: 19.09.2010 begin at 10 o’clock (UTC+2)

Both days “open end”.

Additional Information

Official announcement (in german):
Germany.rb 2010 in Leipzig

We are planning to do the event in german.
But in case there are non-german speaking attendees, we will adapt (-:

Best Regards
Daniel B.