[ANN] Gerbil 1.1.0


Gerbil is an extensible document generator based on eRuby
that outputs to any format you want: plain text, HTML,
LaTeX, UNIX man page, your own custom format, and so on.



Gerbil 1.1.0


• Improvements
• Repairs

This release improves usability and fixes some bugs.

1 Improvements

• External links are now marked with a ∗ symbol to help
the user distinguish between internal and external
links. This is helpful because a user may not wish to
follow a link that takes them outside a document, say,
when they are reading the document offline, without an
Internet connection.

2 Repairs

• Forgot to update some code when I renamed the
RDoc.gen_parse_tree method in format/rdoc.rb during the
last release.

• Module methods were omitted by the
RDoc.gen_method_infos method in format/rdoc.rb.