[ANN] Gerbil 1.0.0


Gerbil is an extensible document generator based on eRuby
that outputs to any format you want: plain text, HTML,
LaTeX, UNIX man page, your own custom format, and so on.



Version 1.0.0


• Caution
• Repairs

This release makes Gerbil available as a RubyGem, fixes
some bugs, and updates the user guide.

1 Caution

• The gerbil file has been moved to bin/gerbil.

• The format/ directory has been renamed to fmt.

• The format/html.rb file has been moved to lib/gerbil/

• The format/rdoc.rb file has been moved to lib/gerbil/

• In format/rdoc.rb, the name of the RDoc.gen_parse_tree
method has been pluralized (tree → trees) because it
really returns an array of trees rather than a single

• The CHANGES.yaml file has been removed, in favor of
this RSS feed: http://gerbil.rubyforge.org/news.xml

• The GENERATOR object has been renamed to Gerbil.

2 Repairs

• User guide now says “gem install RedCloth” instead of
“gem install redcloth”. I don’t see why RubyGems
requires the correct capitalization, so I filed a bug
report about it.

• In the HTML format, images inside descendant nodes of a
figure node were not properly centered.

• In the HTML format, the $title parameter was not
converted into HTML.