[ANN] Game Machine multiplayer game server for jruby

Thought I’d throw this out there on the list.


It’s still a bit rough around the edges, documentation is pretty bad,
the core is fairly solid and it works. I would consider it pre-release,
the latest gem is 0.0.10.

It’s a massive multiplayer game server built on top of Akka with pretty
much all the higher level stuff in jruby. There is a link on the github
page to a demo I have running on a small cluster, with a working client
can download and play.

Key features:

  • Proximity/neighbor searches using a spatial grid (java). Used for
    showing objects within range or calculating who gets hit by aoe

  • Distributed object store using actors and a write behind cache to
    persistent storage. Designed for high write activity.

  • Full chat/matchmaking system based on the Akka distributed pub/sub

  • Regions/zones that are managed by an Akka cluster singleton, and
    on failure.

  • Fairly complete wrapper around Akka, including actor factories and
    actors you can use with rspec. I will probably break this out into
    separate gem when I get the time.

Fair warning the repo is quite large because I haven’t yet split out the
client demo to it’s own repo, and it has a lot of heavyweight assets.


Chris Ochs

Crazy cool. I have not tried the demo but you have put a massive amount
work into this looking at the git repo. This might be an amazing JRuby
demo for us. It shows interaction with actor lib written in another
(polyglot) with graphs (eye-candy) and likely clean game code (ruby).
Thanks for sharing!