[ANN] Freightrain 0.8.4 released!

Ruby desktop development made easy

Freightrain is a framework for ruby desktop development. It works with a
number of toolkits (including gtk+ via the ruby/gnome2 bindings) and
it’s MVVM and composition oriented.

Long story short: create your interfaces with Glade and automatically
get them loaded in your ruby program, with a nice MVVM layer on top of
it and a lot of other goodies :slight_smile:

This release pushes a workaround for the glade files format - glade
expects you to use them with gtk3, so some elements have wrong names
such as GtkBox instead of GtkVBox/GtkHBox.

Andrea D.

Hi Andrea:

Congrats on your latest release. I’m going to look at it again now.

Also, thanks for all your help with my project.