[ANN] FlexImage, SuperImage deprecated

SuperImage, and it’s messy API, are officially deprecated and replaced
by FlexImage

FlexImage is a plugin that stores binary image data in the database and
lets you pull it out at any size, quality, or crop. Combined with page
caching, this gives you an extremely flexible, fast, and extensible
system for managing images in your application.

FlexImage supports many of the same features as SuperImage, but through
a much cleaner and more consistent interface. Plus the internals has
been completely refactored and redocumented. It also has many new

* Cleaner API
* Multiple image rendering actions with their own defaults, or even

using different image classes
* Pre-processing images on upload
* Exposing of the resize! method allowing explicit processing of
images directly on the model
* Full model generator that creates model, tests, and migration
* Easier to extend with new image processing functions in the
future more for me than you :slight_smile:

SVN http://beautifulpixel.com/svn/plugins/flex_image

RDoc for full documentation

Need to convert from SuperImage to FlexImage? Check out the easy as pie
conversion tips here: