[ANN] fixture_dependencies plugin

fixture_dependencies is a plugin that changes the way Rails uses
fixtures in
the following ways:

  • Fixtures can specify associations instead of foreign keys
  • Supports belongs_to, has_many, has_one, and habtm associations
  • Loads a fixture’s dependencies (associations with other fixtures)
    before the
    fixture itself so that foreign key constraints aren’t violated
  • Can specify individual fixtures to load per test or test suite
  • Loads fixtures on every test inside a transaction, so fixture
    is never left in your database
  • Handles almost all cyclic dependencies

To use, first install the plugin, then add the following to
test/test_helper.rb after “require ‘test_help’”:

require ‘fixture_dependencies_test_help’

This overrides the default test helper to load the fixtures inside
and to use FixtureDependencies to load the fixtures.

fixture_dependencies is available via http and svn:

svn: svn://code.jeremyevans.net/rails-plugins/fixture_dependencies
file: http://code.jeremyevans.net/code/fixture_dependencies.tar.gz

RDoc for the plugin is available at: