[ANN] FATdrive.tv launch - new Rails site

We’ve just launch a new site today! FATdrive.tv combines online file
storage and social-networking
to help our members connect and share information effectively. Among the
features is the ability to
play back music and videos of various formats.

FATdrive.tv is another testament on the importance of Open Source
software. Our site is driven by
Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Apache Webserver and Slackware Linux. We store all
files securely on Amazon S3
and let our members access them on demand.

I want to thank the Open Source community for providing us with the
tools to enable FATdrive.tv
services. This forum has also been a great source of technical help and
I thank you.

I invite you to visit our site for more information or just to stop by
and have a quick look. I
welcome your feedback on how we can further improve our services.


Best Regards,

– Long