[ANN] extranormal.com - social networking on rails


I’ve just quietly opened http://www.extranormal.com/ to the public.
There’s been some interest regarding this in the IRC channel on
previous occasions, so I thought i’d mention it here.

It’s a social networking/dating site, built with Rails (natch).
Forums, profiles, image galleries, private messages, groups, private
groups with forums and galleries, events and probably some other good
stuff. Tag-o-riffic throughout and some ajaxy goodness sprinkled here
and there.

It’s a spin-off of another site that’s doing well, and hopefully
http://www.extranormal.com will do just as well as that.

It’s all but done - the main thing missing in the sales-y blurb that
tells you why you might want to sign up. You fine people can probably
connect the dots on that one though.

Let me know what you think. And tell your friends of the wonders that
await them.