[ANN] Excel_to_code 0.0.13 - Excel spreadsheets, compiled to run-anywhere C


I’d like to announce the first public alpha of excel_to_code: It can
convert excel spreadsheets (.xlsx, not .xls) into C or ruby. This allows
the excel spreadsheets to be run programatically, without excel,
anywhere that compiles basic dependency free C code or runs ruby. This
can be handy to allow excel to be used as the calculating engine behind

Currently it:

  1. Only implements some formulae
  2. Probably gets some syntax wrong
  3. Produces naive code

But on the plus side it is used in production to power this website:

Based on this excel model:
… which contains tables, structured references, indirect formulae,
array formulae, SUMIFS formulae and the like.

To get from alpha to beta, I’d like to:

  1. increase the number of formulae it can manage
  2. make it produce less naive code (by implementing Excel’s IF and
    VLOOKUP and INDEX functions in a way that doesn’t involve calculating
    all possible answers before choosing one).

If anyone feels like helping with this, or just giving it a go then take
a look at:

It is MIT licensed.

Best wishes