[ann] erubycon session list now online

Sessions Announced

The session list (Güvenilir Bahis Siteleri) has finally been
posted. We will be having two tracks and have some incredible talks to
choose from. Stay tuned for the exact schedule. Some of the topics we
are covering:

* Data Warehousing
* Large Teams and Rails
* JRuby, the DLR and other alternative platforms
* Security
* Domain Specific Languages

What are you waiting for? Register soon while we still have space

http://erubycon.com, July 16-18

The first conference dedicated to displaying Ruby’s place in the
enterprise has new dates and a new, lower price.

What? erubycon.com - Enterprise Ruby Conference
How much? $249 *
Where? Columbus, Ohio
When? July 16-18

Hear from enterprise development industry experts who have worked
with Java, .NET and Ruby with great success. Nationally recognized

  • Bruce Tate
  • Stuart Halloway
  • Neal Ford
  • Jim W.
    … and many more