[ANN] ERBook 9.2.1

                       ERBook 9.2.1

       Write books, manuals, and documents in eRuby


ERBook is an extensible document processor that emits [1]any
document you can imagine from [2]eRuby templates, which allow
scripting and dynamic content generation.

Version 9.2.1 (2009-11-18)

This release fixes some bugs in, and improves the readability
and load time of, generated XHTML documents.

Bug fixes

 * Prevent search button from starting search when search
   box untouched.

 * Prevent browser from fetching base-64 embedded URI
   sources by qualifying their digests with the "cid" URI
   schema, which is used to identify the parts of a
   multi-part e-mail message.
   This cuts down on the amount of "404 - File Not Found"
   errors on the web server which hosts your generated XHTML
   documents because web browsers will not confuse these
   embedded "cid" digests as being relative HTTP files.


 * Increase vertical spacing between [3]References for
   better readability.

 * Embed W3C validator badges as base-64 data URIs to reduce
   page load time.

 * Split the document processing code in ERBook::Document
   into smaller self-documenting methods.


  1. http://snk.tuxfamily.org/lib/erbook/#HelloWorld
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ERuby
  3. http://snk.tuxfamily.org/lib/erbook/#_references