[ANN] ERBook 8.0.0

                       ERBook 8.0.0

       Write books, manuals, and documents in eRuby


ERBook is an extensible document processor that emits [1]any
document you can imagine from [2]eRuby templates, which allow
scripting and dynamic content generation.

Version 8.0.0 (2009-10-10)

This release simplifies [3]node definitions, adds [4]Table
nodes for building tables the HTML way, and introduces
[5]Arbitrary floats to combat the [6]explosion of
special-purpose document nodes.

 * [7]Incompatible changes

 * [8]New features

 * [9]Housekeeping

Incompatible changes

 * Reduce and rename [10]node definitions attributes:
      + toc: true -> index: tree
      + lof: true -> index: list
      + index: true -> number: section
      + number: true -> number: ordinal
      + depth: true -> (removed)
      + bypass: true -> (removed)

 * Rename [11]The ERBook::Document::Node class properties to
   be more self-documenting:
      + args -> arguments
      + defn -> definition
      + trace -> backtrace
      + index -> section_number
      + number -> ordinal_number

 * Replace formal blocks (figure, table, example, equation,
   procedure) with [12]Arbitrary floats.

 * Append an exclamation mark (!) to the names of
   [13]Admonition nodes, thereby making them a special case
   of [14]Arbitrary floats.

New features

 * Add "params" attribute to [15]node definitions.

 * Add [16]Table nodes for building tables the HTML way.


 * Use YAML hash merging to DRY node definitions in XHTML

 * Use [17]Table nodes instead of PHP Markdown Extra table
   syntax in the user manual.

 * Remove the "digest" [18]Node definition attribute from
   the user manual. Its use was discontinued a few major
   versions ago.


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