[ANN] ERBook 7.1.1

                       ERBook 7.1.1

       Write books, manuals, and documents in eRuby


ERBook is an extensible document processor that emits [1]any
document you can imagine from [2]eRuby templates, which allow
scripting and dynamic content generation.

Version 7.1.1 (2009-09-06)

This release improves support for Microsoft, Opera, and
Webkit web browsers in the XHTML format, revises the code and
documentation, and fixes some bugs.

 * [3]Bug fixes

 * [4]Housekeeping

Bug fixes

 * Restore support for Microsoft web browsers by removing
   the optimization of storing image data URIs in XML
   entities. See [5]Serve XHTML as HTML for Microsoft web
   browsers for the consequences of this change.

 * The screen did not scroll during reveal_hash() in Webkit

 * The prevent_jump option of set_hash() did not work for
   Opera and Microsoft browsers.

 * Use text descriptions instead of graphical symbols in the
   ALT fields of navigation menu images.

 * The Abstract was not in the prev/next navigation chain.


 * Open source is for fun, so [6]be nice: speak of "related
   works" instead of "competitors".

 * Fix warning about $logo and $feeds being used when not

 * Include project website URL in "generator" HTML meta

 * Emit project license above JavaScript code in XHTML

 * Lots of other clean up in the documentation and the XHTML


  1. http://snk.tuxfamily.org/lib/erbook/#HelloWorld
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ERuby
  3. http://snk.tuxfamily.org/lib/erbook/#Bug-fixes
  4. http://snk.tuxfamily.org/lib/erbook/#Housekeeping


This might be a stupid question, but what is [ANN] ?

Is this a suitable place to announce ruby projects that other people
might be interested in?

Kind regards,

Space Ship T. wrote:

This might be a stupid question, but what is [ANN] ?

When you see [ANN] in the subject of an email on this ruby-talk list, it
signifies that the email is an announcement.

Typically, [ANN] announcements are about new releases of open source
projects. In case of an announcement about a commercial product or
service, an [ADV] (signifying “ADVertisement”) or [ANN/ADV] label is
used instead.

Is this a suitable place to announce ruby projects that other people
might be interested in?

Yes. Other places for announcing Ruby projects are the RAA1 and

I personally announce my open source projects to all three places
simultaneously and also provide RSS feeds on my project websites so that
interested users can also be notified of new releases via their RSS feed