[ANN] ERBook 6.1.0

                       ERBook 6.1.0

       Extensible document processor based on eRuby


ERBook is an extensible document processor that emits [1]any
document you can imagine from [2]eRuby templates that allow
scripting and dynamic content generation.

A working [3]XHTML (web page) format is provided, while
[4]LaTeX (PDF), [5]UNIX manual page, and [6]plain text
formats are planned… [7]patches are welcome!

Version 6.1.0 (2009-02-14)

New features

 * Added translations for English phrases used in the XHTML
   format (see the lang/ directory).
   You can choose which language to translate into by
   setting your LANG environment variable or by supplying
   the --locale option to the erbook executable.

 * Reduced brightness of links in local navigation menus; it
   was distracting from the main text of the document.

 * Draw the HTML <hr/> element as a dashed black line,
   instead of a glaring red line.

Bug fixes

 * LaTeX-style index numbers were calculated incorrectly for
   descendants of the "node" node.


 * Add release notes for past releases... two years have
   already passed since I started this project! Where did
   the time go?

 * List all contributors in the [8]Credits section and make
   project logo a hyperlink to that section so interested
   people can quickly learn the source of the logo.

 * Mention that project license is ISC for reader's


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