[ANN] Engines plugin 1.0.6

Greetings folks:

A new version of the Engines plugin is now available. As always, you
can find it at:

http://opensvn.csie.org/rails_engines/plugins/engines (the default
which will be picked up by script/plugin)

Note for Edge Rails users
Sorry guys, this still isn’t for you. Tis the price of living on the
bleeding edge! If we can sign off the controllers in modules issue
below, I’ll have more time to merge this stuff into the edge branch.


The biggest issue with Engines at the moment is ensuring that you can
controllers within modules are being properly loaded. Because Rails’
dependency mechanism changes, this is a bit of a moving target. Anyway

  • this release should hopefully fix it for most people. If you are
    STILL having issues, please checkout the engines_test application (see
    below), run the tests and report back to me.

If I can close the ticket on this bug (#53), I will get much better
sleep. Please, if you can, test this.

You can now quickly find the version information for your installed
engines (note not all engines will provide this information at
present. I’ll update the login/user engines soon). Try:
rake engine_info
rake engine_info ENGINE=login # although this won’t give much
information, yet

You can now isolate the Engine logging so that your
development/production.log doesn’t get filled with spurious engine
messages. Try:
Engines.log.debug “Hi!”

Should now work. Stupid paths.

Since the Engines mechanism itself can be tricky to test, I’ve created
a special test application which people should be able to check out
and use to test Engine behaviour on their own system. You can find
this at:


… with more details in the README in it’s /doc folder.

With the greatest appreciation for all your bug reports and
assistance. You guys rock. .


* Added ability to determine version information for engines: rake

* Added a custom logger for the Engines module, to stop pollution
of the Rails logs.
* Added some more tests (in particular, see
* Another attempt at solving Ticket 53 - controllers and helpers
should now be loadable from modules, and if a full path (including
RAILS_ROOT/ENGINES_ROOT) is given, it should be safely stripped from
the require filename such that corresponding files can be located in
any active engines. In other words, controller/helper overloading
should now completely work, even if the controllers/helpers are in
* Added (finally) patch from Ticket 22 - ActionMailer helpers
should now load
* Removed support for Engines.start :engine, :engine_name =>
‘whatever’. It was pointless.
* Fixed engine name referencing;
engine_stylesheet/engine_javascript can now happily use shorthand
engine names (i.e. :test == :test_engine) (Ticket 45)
* Fixed minor documentation error (‘Engine.start’ ==>
‘Engines.start’) (Ticket 57)
* Fixed double inclusion of RAILS_ROOT in engine_migrate rake task
(Ticket 61)
* Added ability to force config values even if given as a hash
(Ticket 62)

  • J *

I see, Edge doesn’t work. Sad, but happens.

Anyway, I just downgraded to only the login_engine (and to rails
as my role-structure is not very complex anyway (only three roles, and
incremental). I really do like the login_engine. I just wanted to say
thank you very much !

Keep up the great work!

Also I have a little wonder. What is the role field used for in the
login_engine ? (I can’t find the role field anywhere but in the database
schema’s). Is it to stay ?


On 1/31/06, Wybo W. [email protected] wrote:

Also I have a little wonder. What is the role field used for in the
login_engine ? (I can’t find the role field anywhere but in the database
schema’s). Is it to stay ?

It will get factored out in the next login_engine release - it was a
part of the SHLG schema, I just never had the chance to remove it :slight_smile:

  • J *

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