[ANN] Engines 1.1.3 (brought to you by a small french pirate

Hello all,

Since some people were having trouble using engines with Rails 1.1.4,
I’ve released a new version of the engines plugin which contains the
very small bug-fix:


As ever, if you’re new to this whole thing read the README, join the
mailing lists, blah blah and so on. No warranty! Rails Edge users
beware! Thar be dragons 'ere! Aaaaaarrrrrr!

And: a quick note to re-affirm that the first point of contact for any
issues you might have is the Collaboa site at
http://dev.rails-engines.org - if you can’t find your issue there,
please do post a ticket with as much information as you think might be
relevant. See Ticket #180 (the relevant ticket for this release, @
http://dev.rails-engines.org/tickets/180) for an example of what I
might be looking for.

Au revoir, mes petites chauve-souris,


Thanx James - a bientot!

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