[ANN] Ember 0.2.0


                 eRuby template processor


Ember (EMBEdded Ruby) is an [1]eRuby template processor that
allows debugging, reduces markup, and improves composability
of eRuby templates.

Version 0.2.0 (2010-04-25)

This release adds [2]Ruby on Rails integration.

New features:

 * Ember can now be used directly as a [3]Ruby on Rails (2.3
   or newer) plugin. The plugin registers Ember as the
   default Rails template handler for "erb" and "rhtml" file
   types. Ember processing options can be set in the Rails
   environment file:

      ActionView::TemplateHandlers::Ember.options = {
        :unindent => true,
        :shorthand => true,
        :infer_end => true

   This feature was contributed by Kamil Kukura.


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