[ANN] Ebb web server version 0.0.1


Ebb aims to be a small and fast web server specifically for hosting
web frameworks like Rails, Merb, and in the future Django.

The design is similar to the Evented Mongrel web server; except
instead of using EventMachine (a ruby binding to libevent), the Ebb
web server is written in C and uses the libev event loop library.
Because Ebb is written mostly in C, other language bindings can be
added to make it useful to Non-Ruby frameworks. For example, a Python
WSGI interface is forthcoming.

The Ruby binding is available as a Ruby Gem. It can be install by

gem install ebb

Ebb depends on having glib2 headers and libraries installed. (Easily
available on any UNIX system.) The source code can be retrieved by

git clone http://repo.or.cz/r/ebb.git

I release Ebb under the MIT license.

More information and some preliminary benchmarks are up at