[ANN] Early tix to GothamJS available

Hi, GothamJS, a one-day, single-track JavaScript conference in NYC,
has released a limit number of early tickets. Tell your friends. You
can see the information on our web site:


They are cheaper than the regular tickets will be, of course. But more
importantly they are available now! So, for those people who have been
contacting us wanting tickets so you can set up travel, or you know
you are going and just want to a good deal, here is your chance. Grab
some tickets before the general sale starts!

The speakers list is shaping up with six speakers announced.

Robert Nyman - @robertnyman
Anton K. - @valueof
Kyle Simpson - @getify
Rebecca Murphey - @rmurphey
Seb Lee-Delisle - @seb_ly
Yehuda K. - @wycats

If you want to wait until the release of the full schedule, don’t
worry, we should be ready to publish the full schedule including all
of the talk information very soon.

If you want to keep up with us, just follow our announcements on
twitter http://www.twitter.com/gothamjs for more details, of course.

Or track GothamJS on lanyrd: http://lanyrd.com/2011/gothamjs/

The GothamJS Team