[ANN] Dfect 1.0.1

                        Dfect 1.0.1

            Assertion testing library for Ruby


Dfect is an assertion testing library for Ruby that
emphasizes a simple assertion vocabulary, instant
debuggability of failures, and flexibility in composing

Version 1.0.1 (2009-10-07)

This release fixes a bug in the Test::Unit emulation library
and revises the user manual.

 * [1]Bug fixes

 * [2]Housekeeping

Bug fixes

 * The parameters for the assert_equal() method in the
   dfect/unit library were in the wrong order.


 * Revise user manual to better fit jQuery UI tabs.

 * Justify the use of eval() in emulation libraries.

 * Use simpler Copyright reminder at the top of every file.

 * Make SLOC count in user manual reflect the core library

 * Mark code spans with {:lang=ruby} instead of HTML <code/>

 * Open source is for fun, so [3]be nice: speak of "related
   works" instead of "competitors".


  1. http://snk.tuxfamily.org/lib/dfect/#Bug-fixes
  2. http://snk.tuxfamily.org/lib/dfect/#Housekeeping


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