ANN: deck.rb - slides in markdown, using deck.js and rack

Repo and README:

Quick Start:
gem install deckrb
deck run
open http://localhost:4333

Did the world need another markdown-to-html presentation tool?
Probably not, but I wrote one anyway.

Here’s what deck.rb has to offer:

  • uses deck.js, which is the cleanest HTML5 slide presentation engine
    I’ve found (no offense to S6 or Showoff but Deck’s got Jasmine tests)

  • supports Markdown, but it should be easy to add other formats

  • presentations can span several source files, and can be assembled

  • source files look good as source, built HTML, preview HTML, or as a
    deck doc

  • each H1 (single hash) designates the beginning of a new slide

  • explicit !SLIDE or <!SLIDE> directives can split slides too

  • links to image files are resolved relative to the source file – no
    more broken images in markdown previews, and no need to put all your
    images in a separate directory!

  • mostly backwards-compatible with Showoff, i.e. showoff.json support

  • code syntax highlighting using Coderay

  • specify language at the top of the block using either ::: or @@@

  • e.g. @@@ ruby

  • uses RedCarpet markdown extensions, including tables and fenced code

See README at GitHub - alexch/deck.rb for more thorough

I’ve been using (and contributing to) Showoff but have grown unhappy
with the codebase and release cycle. I admit I haven’t done all my
homework so this may be mostly redundant with Keydown or Slideshow or
what have you, and I’m open to joining forces with any other projects.
This is surely alpha software but I’ve been using it reliably for a
few months now.

Feedback welcome! Especially criticism and even outright insults. I
love those :slight_smile:

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On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 04:20:07AM +0900, Alex C. wrote:

Repo and README:
GitHub - alexch/deck.rb

Am I missing something, or is there no license?