[ANN] dcov (the documentation analyzer for Ruby code) v.0.1

I pushed version 0.1 of my Google Summer of Code project – dcov – to
RubyForge yesterday, and I hope you guys can take advantage of it (and
let me know if it breaks! :)).

dcov is a tool to help you analyze the documentation of your Ruby
code. At the present, it only checks for the presence of
documentation and generates a report based on that, but in the future
it will check for “quality” (e.g., did you document all the
parameters? Is there an options list, and if so, is it documented?
and so on). See my post about documentation quality on
http://blog.mrneighborly.com/ if you’d like to voice your opinion on
what should be used to measure quality. (Disclaimer: I realize
quality is very subjective, and you are able to write your own
analyzers very easily if you’d like to do your own subjective

Now, on to the release. This is version 0.1 (Young and Feeble
Edition). It will analyze your source code and produce an HTML report
(using Ruport currently) of what it found out. It it invoked by
simply running:

dcov my_file.rb my_other_file.rb that_file.rb

The coverage.html file will be created in the current working directory.

Please do use the RubyForge bug tracker (right now) to file bugs. I’m
working on a better solution, but for now that will function. If
there’s enough interest, I’ll spin up a mailing list or you can join
me in #dcov on Freenode.

You can get the release one of three ways:
(1) gem install dcov
(2) download it from RubyForge here: http://rubyforge.org/projects/dcov/
(3) grab it from svn: svn co svn://rubyforge.org/var/svn/dcov

Visit http://dcov.rubyforge.org/ to stay up to date on what’s going on
with this project…



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