[ANN] DateBocks v2.0.0 Released

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Woohoo!! Finally released the next generation of DateBocks (aka
DateBox) v2.0.0.

This was a long time coming, after its initial version release allll
the way back in January, this is a nice edition to the popular tool I
released before.

This version is chalked full of features. Here is the cut out from the

== 2.0.0 - AUGUST 16, 2006

  • Changed name from DateBox to DateBocks
  • Added dependency for Prototype
  • First major release after much feedback
  • Renamed main method to datebocks_field
  • Removed datebocks_flat
  • Added new features
    • Close help popup window clicking on any part of the popup
    • German format dd.mm.yyyy
    • Be able to have more than one DateBocks on a page
    • Added Next or Last Week, Month, and Year (ex. Next Month or Last
    • (monday|tuesday|wednesday|thursday|friday|saturday|sunday) -
      Defaults to next defined week day
    • Added support for mm-dd-yyyy
    • Added now for date
    • Now able to use model, method to instantiate a datebox_field
      [Michael M. ]
    • Always display with 2 characters in length for month and day
  • Bug fixes
    • 1st of Jan[uary]
    • Errors now highlight elements properly
    • Major bug with the enter key to update the date and not post the
      entire form
    • Fixed bug for special days where it
    • Fixed bug for using datebox_field in a partial [Reginald Braithwaite

So with that said, do please check it out.

Oh, and I decided to spiff up the site a bit, and design my a fancy
new layout. It is inspired from a newsletter I got. Brownie points to
whoever guesses it :slight_smile:

Demo away…


Kind regards,

Nathaniel B.

Inimit Innovations Inc.


2006/8/18, Nathaniel B. [email protected]:

Woohoo!! Finally released the next generation of DateBocks (aka
DateBox) v2.0.0.

Just have seen the demo - nice :slight_smile:
Do you think it would be easy to adapt this for other languages, like
german? Would be cool!


Great work Nathaniel.

I suggest a small enhancement.
I’m working on a financial application where people usually calculate
something from the current date.
For example payment date is 15 days from now, I’m looking for all orders
last 30 days and so on.

How about to add extension to the entering process for example +15 will
15 day from now, -30 will be date 30 days before today.


great job!!

I agree with the above suggestion (+15, -1, etc) This was used in an
old payroll system we worked on and I’ve never seen it used


That is a great idea. I will definately see what I can do to get that
in the next version!


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Kind regards,

Nathaniel B.

Inimit Innovations Inc.