[ANN] DateBocks 2.0.1 - Bugfix Edition

About DateBocks

DateBocks is a pure JavaScript library using DHTML and advanced date
parsing to
generate the date based on the grammar passed. The purpose of DateBocks
is to
simplify the date entering process using common terms we are all
familiar with.


This version fixes a number of bugs which arose due to the incredible
support on various mailing lists. I had tested it in a few browsers,
but with the extensive depth of variations in browsers/os’s, I
recieved extensive feedback which is why this release has been
announced so soon after the last major upgrade. My apologies for not
doing sufficient testing on the previous version. Will be sure not to
let it happen again :slight_smile:

This time around I have tested it in the following configurations:

  • Windows XP Firefox 1.0
  • Windows XP Firefox 1.5
  • Windows XP Opera 9.1
  • Windows XP IE6
  • Mac OSX 10.4 FireFox 1.5
  • Mac OSX 10.4 Safari 2.0.3

If you find that your configuration doesn’t work, please submit a
ticket to http://dev.toolbocks.com with the error message and the
versions of your browser and operating system.

Kind regards,

Nathaniel B.

Inimit Innovations Inc.