[ANN] database_resetter 0.1.0

Hi all

Apologies for cross-posting and spam in the same post. Hopefully you’ll
let me off this once…

I just released my first gem (woo!), database_resetter[1]. It’s
designed to completely rebuild your Rails/Merb etc database before a
Cucumber/RSpec every time a migration changes. Basically it prevents
you seeing “unknown column” etc errors because you forgot to migrate the
DB before a test run.

It’s complementary to, not a replacement for, database_cleaner.
database_resetter runs 0-1 times per Cucumber/RSpec run, whereas
database_cleaner runs 0-1 times per Cucumber scenario / RSpec example.

I’ve been using it for a year or two, but only just got round to
packaging it up. It doesn’t do much, but over hundreds of database
rebuilds the time savings add up to a fair bit.

I’ve used it “untested”* until now, but I spent today putting some
Cucumber features around it. They aren’t perfect, but they sanity check
most of what it does. There’s a ReadMe in the gem with full
instructions (they’re as good as I could manage after a long day).

The official source is in a darcs repo hosted on Patch-Tag[2].

Feedback gratefully received - let me know if you find it useful, and
please contact me with bug reports / feature requests. Like I say, this
is my first gem, so I’m not expecting it to work well in the wild…


[1] database_resetter | RubyGems.org | your community gem host
[2] Patch-Tag Biker's Club – Biker Club in South Florida

  • it works on my machine