[ANN] Data Pages extension

I’d like to announce the initial release of my data pages extension.


(URL may change – I’m just now trying out the whole S3 thing…)

This extension allows you to call external data and template it using
some handy Radius tags. External data is in JSON format (others may
be supported in the future). See the README and specs for

The main use-case I see (and what I’m actually using it for) is making
pretty reports from some kind of automated application or database
output (provided you turn it into JSON first). Since it gets the JSON
over HTTP it can pull from flat files or even a live application.

Incidentally, I’m looking for some kind of hosting for this. I use
Mercurial, so it may be a bit of a pain adding into an SVN repository.

Anyway, here’s the example from the README:

“name”: “Andrew”,
“favorite_color”: “red… no – blue!”,
“monkeys”: [

localhost:3000/template (body part):
<r:data src=“localhost/some_data.js”>

My name is

My favorite color is


My name is Andrew

My favorite color is red... no -- blue!

  • rhesus
  • howler

Started up a Google Code project – here’s the new URL:

(Also added to the 3rd Party Extensions page.)