[ANN] Curl::Multi version 0.1

== Announcing Curl::Multi version 0.1 ==

This is the first release of Curl::Multi, supporting just the basics.
This release uses RubyInline to help with the C interface.

== What is Curl::Multi? ==

Curl::Multi provides very high-level Ruby bindings for the libcurl multi

It was originally written for use by www.causesonfacebook.com to process
many concurrent http requests. Curl::Multi is written and maintanied by
Kristján Pétursson and Keith R…

See http://curl-multi.rubyforge.org/ for more info.

== The basics ==

require ‘curl-multi’
curl = Curl::Multi.new
on_success = lambda do |body|
puts body
on_failure = lambda do |ex|
puts ‘Failure.’
puts ex
curl.get(‘http://www.example.org/’, on_success, on_failure)
curl.select([], []) while curl.size > 0

There’s not much more to the interface. A good thing, too, because we
don’t really have any documentation yet. Patches are most welcome!

== Forum ==


Keith R., 9th November 2007