ANN Cucumber 0.1.9

I’m pleased to announce Cucumber 0.1.9 - full changelog here:

gem install cucumber (As usual, the gem will take a few hours to rsync
around the world).

With this release Cucumber supports 19 natural languages! Cucumber is
now represented on all continents. Please send more translations.
(I know that Australians say “Nifty shit” for “Feature”, but I don’t
know the other words).

Cucumber also has Autotest support now.

It turns out Git+GitHub is working great for this project. There are
50+ forks and 300+ followers and I keep pulling in high quality
improvements several times a week.
I’d especially like to thank Joseph W., who has contributed a ton of
great features and fixes. Joseph is now part of the “official”
Cucumber team.

So what’s next? A couple of things. I will focus on improving the
internal structure of features to make it easier to manipulate the
contents of features programmatically.
I’m planning to introduce a better AST. For users of Cucumber this
will not be noticeable, except that support for tables will be much
better. One thing I have in mind is
to be able to push actual values back into a table and open up for
custom interpretation of tables. I also want to make it possible to
customise how table “results” are
displayed (for example comparing actual and expected values inside
individual cells).

When these internal changes start to take shape it’s time to slap some
REST around Cucumber so we can integrate it better with authoring
tools. Then we will invite the
customers to the party.

Thanks to everybody who has reported bugs, come with suggestions and
contributed code so far. Enjoy the new release!


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