[ANN] Controller to View and Back Again (TextMate shortcut)


One of the most inconvenient things about the Rails directory
structure is the relative distance between the controller and its
corresponding view files. While itâ??s organizationally sound, itâ??s
often a pain to go hunting for a view (especially in a complicated
application that has modules and modules within modules).

I discovered a fantastic little key-combo within TextMate the other
day that almost did what I wantedâ??if you hit command-option-down, you
will be taken from the controller to the corresponding functional
test (or from a model to the corresponding unit test). Try it out,
itâ??s really cool.

But what I wanted was ease of navigation from my controllers to my
views and vice versa. From what I could tell, thatâ??s not a built-in
feature of the Rails TextMate command bundles. So I wrote one and
bound it to command-option-up. From within a controller’s action, I
hit the key combination and it takes me to the view .rhtml file.
From within the view file it takes me back to the controller.
Swift, easy, precise.

See my full post for download, installation and usage instructions.


Duane J.


Duane J. wrote:

really cool.
Great minds…

Kyle S. of RadRails posted the same thought recently:


Sounds good! (as does flipping between code and tests)



On Feb 18, 2006, at 8:23 AM, Justin F. wrote:

corresponding functional test (or from a model to the

Thanks, Justin. I updated the post to point RadRails users in that
direction. Looks good!

Duane J.


How about making a script to get you to a partial and back?