[ANN] Combustible FeedBurner Plugin

Hi all

I’ve been working on a Rails plugin to elegantly wrap the rather nasty
of integrating your Rails app with the FeedBurner Management API.

To save the community from going through the same trouble, i decided to
my work on the subject into a plugin and polish it up a bit.

The plugin uses HTTP Basic Authentication over SSL, which FeedBurner
if secure. All API methods in their Management API are wrapped and
include the following:

  • Get Feed
  • Find Feeds
  • Add Feed
  • Remove Feed
  • Modify Feed
  • Resync Feed

I have plans to extend the plugin to include their Awareness API soon,
which will allow you
to programatically retrieve your rss-feed subscriber count etc.


spark = Combustible.new :user => ‘username’, :password => ‘password’

spark.find_all #=> [ { :id => 412, :uri => ‘my_feed’, :title => ‘my
feed’ }, { … } ]
my_feed = spark.get( :id => 412 )
my_feed #=> { :id => 412,
:uri => ‘my_feed’,
:title => ‘my feed’,
:source => ‘http://mysite.com/rss/feed.xml’,
… }


Please note that this is the 0.3 release, and is still very
young…though I believe fully functional.
The lack of tests at the moment is a sore point, and I’ll be writing
them in the days to come.

svn repository:

Project page:

./script/plugin install svn://rubyforge.org/var/svn/combustible/trunk

RDoc (included with the plugin)

Shared in the spirit of saving my fellow railists the ungainly task of
trying to consume the FeedBurner API
Let me know what you think, the project is still extremely young, so any
advice will be Much appreciated.

Gustav P.
[email protected]

Looks awesome! I’ll definitely give this a try.


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