[ANN] COBOL_ON_COGS (Yet Another Rails Knockoff)

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the slightly offtopic posting, but this might be of
interest to one or the other developer on this list, especially if
you’ve ever had to deal with legacy integration. We’re announcing a
new framework today that’s designed to facilitate bringing mainframe
application to the Web. Basically COGS allows you to hook up old
legacy console based applications to a modern browser based
environment without sacrificing user acceptance.


* fully functional F-Keys
* full character set support (EBCDIC and ASCII, A-Z)
* burned in monochrome screen (currently green, next version will

also support amber)
* based on RHT design pattern (Report-Host-Terminal)
* random monitor flicker

Check it out!


If this sounds interesting to you, you may want to consider the
facebook group which is the center of discussion for all things COGS.


Tim -
On 1-Apr-08, at 6:30 AM, Tim B. wrote:


thanx buddy - a warm amber smile