[ANN] CloudCache for Ruby on Rails

Quetzall.com is pleased to announce CloudCache for Ruby on Rails,
implementing the ActiveSupport::Cache interface. The gem is open source
(Apache License version 2.0) and is available at
Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. .

Steps to install and use:

  1. gem install cloud_cache activesupport right_aws uuidtools
  2. Sign up for the service at http://quetzall.com - note the Quetzall
    Access Key and Quetzall Secret Key
  3. require ‘cloud_cache’ in config/environment.rb
  4. In app/controllers/application/controller, add:
  5. CC_ACCESS_KEY = ‘…’
  6. CC_SECRET_KEY = ‘…’
  7. ActionController::Base.cache_store = :cloud_cache, “default”,
  8. restart apache or webbrick or nginx…

The cost of the service is only a nickle per MB-month. Plus, we have a
money-back guarantee - if you provide a CloudCache service defect report
the CloudCachews http://groups.google.com/group/cloudcachews google
which is reproducible, specific, and actionable (bugs, outages, etc.),
will reimburse your service costs for that month. [Disclaimer - service
side only; not including the gem logic or anything else on the public
of the CloudCache API).

Features include:

  • Elastic, Secure, Reliable
  • Fast! - Latency: 1.5 ms
  • Multi-Get
  • Stats - Hits/Misses/Usage
  • AJAX or XML output
  • Increment/decrement
  • Configurable time-to-live for automatic deletion

Happy Caching!