[ANN] ClockingIT closing in on v1.0


It’s been a while since the last ClockingIT - http://www.clockingit.com

release, but the new version has finally been deployed, with quite a few
improvements. ClockingIT is now much better at handling a large number
of tasks and issues, and it’s a lot easier to see what you should work
on next.

I’ve also implemented a new look, designed by the missis, which is quite
pleasing on the eye.

What is ClockingIT?

It’s a free to use hosted project management solution, with no
restrictions or ads. It’s
quite possible to manage a large amount of tasks and issues for quite a
few users
without losing track of what needs to be done next. We’re using it
at work with a bit over 800 tasks/issues, and 40+ users.

Main Improvements

  • A new overview page has been created, showing your top tasks, progress
    on projects
    and milestones, as well as the most recent changes and work done.
  • Tasks can now be assigned tags, and views can be created on those
  • Tasks can also have a type, severity and priority which lets you
    always see
    what’s most important to do next.
  • Revised look providing an even cleaner and easier to use interface.
  • Attach files to a task.
  • Define custom views into your tasks, showing just the tasks you need
    across projects and milestones.
  • Search for tasks and related log entries or look up by task number.
  • Fine-grained permissions allowing better control of who can do what.
  • Notifications via email on relevant actions.

Have a look at http://wiki.clockingit.com/wiki:screenshots for some
screenshots of the new look and features.

Feedback & comments are always appreciated.

Erlend S. - http://www.clockingit.com