[ANN] Climber.com - RoR employment Website

We have launched our Ruby on Rails and Ajax employment website and we’d
like to share it with you all.

Online employment match service written in Ruby on Rails and Ajax,
Climber.com helps busy professionals land the position of their dreams
without the time and hassle of the job search process.

The company offers a cutting edge work values assessment process,
personalized employment match system and access to a robust array of
hiring companies who agree with Climber.com’s high-tech, high-touch
approach to recruiting.

Climber.com, a division of Mingle.com, is a ground-breaking online
recruiting partner for today’s highly diverse, talented professionals
and the companies who seek to employ them. Through its innovative
recruiting system, Climber.com has created double blind system which
pairs companies and passive job seekers based on their
CareerFingerprintâ„¢ (a proprietary environmental fit assessment) and
in-depth profiles. This reduces the applicant pool and improves the
chances of a candidate being Qualified, Available and Interested (QAI).
Climbers (passive job seekers) benefit from the reduction of recruitment

For more information, visit http://www.climber.com. Feedbacks are always