[ANN] Cerberus 0.2.0 Released

Hi, all. I am glad to present you new version of Cerberus.

What Cerberus is? Cerberus is a Continuous Builder software for Ruby.
Cerberus could be periodically run from scheduler and check if
application tests are broken. If it happens then Cerberus will send
notification to project developers.

There is several Continuous Builder solutions already present, why do
you need to use Cerberus?
Main advantages of Cerberus over other solutions are:

  • Cerberus could be installed on any machine not only where SVN
    repository located.
  • Cerberus works not only for Rails projects, but for any other Ruby
    (or better to say for projects that use Rake) and in future it would be
    extended for other build tools like Maven2.
  • Cerberus multiplatform solution: it runs excellent both on *nix,
    Windows and OSX.
  • Cerberus distributed via RubyGems, so it is very easy to install and
    very easy to update to the latest available version.
  • Cerberus is lightweight solution: most of the time ruby process even
    do not run - Rake runs only in case if changes in project found
  • It works. Just F*%$ng works. Easy to install. Easy to run. Easy to

Letâ??s return to release and highlight changes in 0.2.0.

Since 0.1.1 configuration format was changed so to use latest version
you need to regenerate config files anew or change it by hands:








Next big thing that was added is multiply publisher support.
Now you could publish build results not only via email but also via
Jabber, IRC, RSS. A bit more details about the last one. Email and other
publishers are good until you have not too much people interested in
build result, otherwise you need to change you config too often to add
new people. In this case RSS publisher would help you. Cerberus would
write build results to plain RSS file on server and anyone could
subscribe to this file via Web. Itâ??s very easy and very useful.

0.2.0 version fixes several minor bugs in Rake builder and makes
Cerberus even more stable on all supported platforms.

If you have any questions related to Cerberus drop a line to project
forum. http://rubyforge.org/forum/forum.php?forum_id=7344.
I and other users donâ??t let you wait for response.

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