[ANN] Call for papers for the 3rd edition of the Rails Conference for Spanish speakers in Madrid, Sp


After the success of the last two editions (about 30 sessions and 200
attendants every year) we are pleased to announce the third edition of
the Rails Conference (http://www.conferenciarails.org) for Spanish
speakers, to be held in Madrid, Spain, on November 13th and 14th 2008.

The official language of the conference is Spanish (no translation
provided), although sessions in English from relevant members of the
community are welcome.

The call for papers finishes by September 29th.

This conference is an excellent meeting point for everybody doing
professional development with Rails in Spanish-speaking markets and a
good opportunity to put a face to some of the nicknames and e-mails you
see on irc and mailing lists.

Sessions will be distributed in two different tracks covering technical
sessions (45 minutes + 10 for Q&A), and success cases (20 + 10 mins). We
also have an extra room available for lighting talks to be used on
demand during the conference.

Registration is not open yet, but if you are planning to attend be sure
to subscribe to our blog or follow the twitter user “conferenciaror”.
All the official announcements will be posted both in the blog and
twitter (with the permission of the white whale :wink: ).

The conference is organized by a group of volunteers without a
commercial interest and we have support from some local sponsors, so the
price is kept at the minimum necessary to cover the expenses of
infrastructure, catering and security.

We are still negotiating with the sponsors, and we don’t know the price
for this year yet, but last year it was €75, including the pass for both
days, two meals and a commemorative t-shirt. All the attendants,
including speakers and members of the organization board, are subject to
the registration fee.

For those not attending, we will be live-streaming the sessions and
we’ll make available the videos at the conference’s web. The archives
for the previous editions are available at
http://2006.conferenciarails.org/ and http://2007.conferenciarails.org/

You can find all the information (in Spanish) at

Looking forward to seeing you there!

javier ramirez

disclaimer: just in case, please notice this is a community-driven event
and we are in no way related to the Official Rails European Conference.