[ANN] Bloggy 0.1.0 Release


Hello folks,

We announce the first version of Bloggy, a blog engine.
working on Riki (http://smart-engines.dyndns.org/riki) we at
smart-engines have decided to invest some time investigating how to make
as easy as possible to plug Rails Engines into existing applications.
Result of the research has been the article “Rails Engine: reusable
components” (http://cicio.org/articles/engines_isolation) and its
companion example program that has evolved into the today announced
Bloggy 0.1.0.
main reason to exist is to act as a guinea pig for studying how to
achieve better integration between engines and already existing Rails
For this reason we needed it to be quite simple, and while it is a
perfectly usable Engine, the main reason to make it public is to collect
as much feedback as possible about the isolated engines idea.

You can find more information on Bloggy at


Bloggy features currently:

  • Posts with author and timestamp.
  • Comments visible by post and sorted by time.
  • Textile syntax supported for both posts and comments.
  • Multiple nested categories.
  • Info: The author and timestamp of both posts and comments are shown.
    The timestamp of the comments is relative to the one of
    the referring post.

It will be extended with:

  • RSS 1.0 a/o 2.0
  • File upload
  • Authentication at category level.
  • Better posts/categories/comments management enabled by authentication.
  • Search functionality (to come very soon)

Any feedback is warmly welcome.




no demo?
When I tried to log in (“demo”:“demo”) i got an application error


Hi Martin,

There is no login for Bloggy, not yet.
You were probably trying to loin the Riki used for the Bloggy site page
at smart-engines.

Anyhow, to answer your question, there is no “sandbox”
demo like on line for Bloggy, but you can see Bloggy live at

In the next days I’ll create a proper demo.

  • Mauro