[ANN] Basedex

Hi everyone,

I’d like to announce Basedex - http://blazingrails.basedex.com

Basedex is an online back-of-the-book index for the Internet. We all
know how to look up the index in our “Agile Web Dev…with Rails” book,
imagine using the same method to find information on the Internet. It
combines a traditional method of organizing and finding information with
the advantages of the Web.

Basedex allows you to create, manage, and share indexes. You can
collaboratively work with your peers on an index to share and archive
knowledge on a particular topic, or you can simply use it to jot down
notes or maintain an address book (like a Rolodex). You can even use it
to drive traffic to your web site, business, book, or anything else you
wish to promote. It can also serve as a way to share bookmarks.

Initially, we have created an index for us Rails developers that
provides a good example of the possibilities of Basedex and will
hopefully help other developers in building their Rails applications.

Rails Developer Index - http://blazingrails.basedex.com/index/64

In this index, you can search for methods and classes of the Ruby Core
API and the Ruby on Rails Core API. As of now, you can search by
method name, class name, and for the Ruby Core API, you can also search
by Class.method (i.e. String.<<)

If you wish to learn more, ask questions, report bugs, or leave
feedback, please visit our forums at:

http://www.basedex.com/forums/ (You will need to create another account
for the forums)

Nelson H.
Johnny Jiang