[ANN] Basedex - A Collaborative Index

Hi again everyone,

Basedex is a collaborative index to help you organize and share your
information as well as discover what others have found.

Since we announced our release a couple weeks ago, we have been hard at
work at creating a Ruby on Rails index[1] for people new to Ruby, and a
Rails Developer index[2] to help developers search through

We would like to invite everyone to join us in developing these indexes
to promote Ruby on Rails and provide another useful resource to those
currently writing Rails applications.

Also, thanks to Dave T. and Pragmatic Programmers, you can now
search the index of Agile Web D. with Rails[3] within the Rails
Developer index.

Nelson H.
Johnny Jiang

[1] Ruby on Rails Index - http://blazingrails.basedex.com/index/8
[2] Rails Developer Index - http://blazingrails.basedex.com/index/64
[3] Agile…with Rails Index - http://blazingrails.basedex.com/index/125