[ANN] BackDoor 0.3.0


New release with useful new features.  More info in

http://backdoor.rubyforge.org/ .

From the changelog:

=== 0.3.0

  • Implemented a <r:else> tag for both <r:if> and <r:unless> tags. Now
    it’s possible to do:

    <r:if cond=“…”>
    This is the if part
    And this the else part

  • Implemented a <r:tag> and <r:erb_tag> tags which allow to define new
    tags easily:

    <r:erb_tag name=“article”>

    <%= tag.attr[ "title"] %>
    <%= tag.expand %>
    Posted in
    Blah, blah, blah
  • Added a <r:erb:expand> tag that solves a problem where tags inside
    ERB templates expand only once when used inside ruby loops



This looks like a very interesting extention, but just one (probably
stupid) question, how can I install this extension ?

I tried rake production db:migrate:extensions that seems ok (no
errors…) but the extension doesn’t show up and the new tags are

(I installed the files in vendor/extensions/back_door)


Johan Bakker

Don’t know why it doesn’t show in your case. Verify:

 - the file permissions are correct
 - you don't get any error/warning in the console from Radiant
 - that test pass, use the command "rake test" from


 Let us know the results.


Thanks… stupid me… I forgot to restart the webserver… now it
works as expected…