[ann] arcadia ide 0.9.0

Arcadia is a Light Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Ruby
written in classic Ruby using the classic tcl/tk GUI toolkit.

Some of Arcadia ide project features include:

  • Editor with source browsing, syntax highlighting, code completion
  • Debugging support
  • Working on any platform where ruby and tcl-tk work.
  • Highly extensibility architecture.

== In this release 0.9.0

- a lot of bug-fixing
- new default theme = dark
- auto-hide scrollbar and auto post menu
new features:
- added process monitor (possibility to kill running sub process)
- added first release of a configurable runners management
(possibility to choose runner for current file)

[Contact Information]

This project’s homepage is:

Contact [email protected] (me) for any questions about arcadia

Best Regards
Antonio G.