[ANN] arcadia ide 0.12.0 release

arcadia 0.12.0 has been released.

== news

  • added new extension : terminal’s integration
    from Projects’ navigator you can now open a terminal from selected
    in linux is required xterm and xdotool (xterm is embedded like a
    other frame)
  • buffers’ interchange between more instance of editor
  • introduced internationalization of text :
    in conf/LC/ are searched translation files in format .LANG
    (es. en-UK.LANG)
    locale is settable in ~/.arcadia/arcadia.conf overriding default
    … collaborations in translations are welcome!
  • added possibility to interact with running application typing input
    in output’s console
  • introduced in file-history a new kind of view (list view) activable
    by button on toolbar
  • bugs fixed and optimizations

Enjoy !

Arcadia is a light Editor/Ide written in Ruby.

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