[ann] ar-jdbc 1.3.4

Greetings JRuby-ists!

The x-mass release of AR-JDBC is out … with mostly PG compatibility
related fixes.

Release notes at:

We’ve been pretty stable doing patch releases for the 1.3 line ~ every
month or so to catch up issues with Rails 4.0 and possible regressions
(since 1.2) for supported ActiveRecord 3.x versions.

I’m sorry we could not get all the lately reported issues fixed, but
are really getting somehow shorter ( at least here at the heart of EU -
sure envy some enjoying a sunny beach in AU :).

Thanks to all who contributed, reported or simply used JRuby + AR-JDBC.

Have a peaceful end of year, see you with AR-JDBC likely at the next one

We’ve got some interesting stuff planned such as making pooling more
performant (by replacing AR’s synchronous blocking queue a.k.a.
pool :slight_smile: … stay tuned for how it turns out in 2014!

<3 Team AR-JDBC